Meeting Times

Sunday 10 AM - Bible Study

Sunday 11 AM - Worship

Wednesday 7:30 PM - Bible Study


  1. Bible Study
    Sunday, July 14th, 202410:00am
  2. Worship
    Sunday, July 14th, 202411:00am
  3. Bible Study
    Wednesday, July 17th, 20247:30pm
  4. Bible Study
    Sunday, July 21st, 202410:00am

For the benefit of our Spanish-speaking brethren, we'd like to point out that there is a church that also meets at 5-15 Plaza Road at 3:30PM on Sundays.

Para el beneficio de nuestros hermanos quienes hablan español, nos gustaría señalar que hay una iglesia que también se reúne aquí en 5-15 Plaza Road a las 3:30 p.m. los Domingos.